2048 | Not all Battles are Worth Winning

By January 30, 2016

I really wish that I could say that I did something useful with my life this week, but honestly, all I did was play 2048. Or at least, that was all that was on my mind.

 I found this game through a friend early last week and stayed up till 5am trying to get that elusive '2048' tile, but eventually had to stop because my wrists started tingling. 

My wrists started tingling....  I should have stopped then.

Essentially, I was told by multiple friends that I could not win this game, except the more they told me, the more I wanted to win. Basically, a week later,  I did. And that was nice.

But the main problem is, I don't even like this game. 
I just wanted to win. 

It's funny how humans function, the more we can't have something, the more we want it. However, what I've learnt through this game - especially after having conquered it - is that there are many things in life that we can't have. Or maybe things in life that we don't need to have. And that's okay. Sometimes, we don't need to win everything, we don't need to do everything, we don't need to have everything. 

When I couldn't win this game, that was all that I could think about. The fact that there was something I couldn't do bothered me - even though this game had no practical relevance or positive contribution to my life. Having won it, I look back now and think of all the hours wasted, not to mention the fact that I practically got carpel tunnel, as Tiffany would say, just to prove that I can. 

So now that I've won, what have I achieved? 

Nothing really, other than that screenshot. Thankfully, the time wasted on this game is minor in the grand scheme of things. At most, it took away a weeks worth of brain energy and time, but in life, there are many things that I can't have, and things that I don't need to have, yet I still so desperately chase after them. That's not to say that I shouldn't try setting goals and aiming for them, but instead to be conscientious in discerning what it is in my life that is worth chasing after and what is not. To learn to be persistent for things that matter and to let go of ones that do not. 

I was reminded of this quote by Jim Elliot today while I was running through my instagram feed. Although it may not necessarily pertain to this whole 2048 fiasco, it was a reminder to me that some things just aren't worth chasing after, because in the process, we may lose something that is worth having. 

But long story short, I'm not touching this game anymore and neither should you. I've come to the eureka moment that not all things need to be won, and if I can't have something, that's okay. As long as I've tried my best, there is nothing I need to prove. I may have won this game, but I've lost in reality. 

Not all battles are worth winning. 


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6 Lovely Replies

  1. I've totally been playing this game too and still haven't beaten it!

  2. There are some games I'm happy I never got into - Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, and this one too. I am however, slightly obsessed with Megapolis because it's a simulated game (I love simulations because of The Sims franchise) so I'll be bored in class and unconsciously I'll be loading up Megapolis to check up on my city.

    Damn these game apps!

  3. LOL who told you to keep playing it!

  4. I took me a good day to get 2048. hahah i sound like i'm bragging, that's not the point! i'm now trying to get to tile 16384, and that's just hard and takes a lot of your time!

    1. hahaha, I don't even want to think about how long that would take me, but I wish you luck! Thanks for dropping by :)

  5. These games are always so addictive! Lol x

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