About Me

1 Corinthians 10:31

My name is Naomi and I was born in the fabulous cold city of Winnipeg where I braved years and years of cold to get to where I am today. I spent most of my childhood in Toronto so weirdly enough I consider Toronto my hometown and it's still my most favorite place in the world. 

I am currently a University student trying to figure out my life and where God wants me to be. I am absolutely horrible at directions and cannot get anywhere without a GPS in my hand. 

This blog has actually been one of the most constant things I have stuck to and I'm surprised I am still writing five years later. It's been a constant source of comfort and a place where I can write down all  my memories. 

I'm not the best writer nor do I fully understand where to place my commas and semi-colons, but I hope you will bear with me as I navigate my way through this. I'm so excited to share with you this simple life of mine and I look forward to all the adventures ahead.