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Meet me in Gastown for a delicious vegan meal.

Last weekend, I hopped on a plane over to Vancouver for a conference, and although it spanned most of my time, there were a few hours I had to explore the city.

This was one of them.

While in Vancouver, I called up my cousins who are both vegans and were the ones who suggested the place. A self-proclaimed meat lover, I was skeptical at the idea because I honestly wasn't sure how exciting food made only from vegetables and plants could be. 

Turns out, it's quite exciting.

"Meet", the name of the restaurant is a cheeky homage to the fact that it is a completely plant based restaurant. I'm not sure if it's a combination of "Meat" and "Beet", or if it's supposed to symbolize a meeting place for people.

Either way, it's attention catching.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, you are greeted by this open space that is enclosed in glass, allowing natural sunlight to stream in. 

The interior is simple, no fuss, and comfortable. 

At every table, they have self-serve cutlery (which imo should be implemented in every restaurant, so that no one has to chase down their waiter every time they drop a fork on the ground) and some organic ketchup, which was a whole new level of flavor.

These two faces are new to the blog! And no, they're not my cousins but they feel like family. 

The three of us met at another conference back in February and managed to stay in touch long enough for Samantha and I to fly over to Vancouver so we could meet up. We are missing a few friends as they all went home to catch some z's after the conference, but Hong was sweet enough to offer Sam and I a ride to the airport, with a quick stop for lunch beforehand.

While waiting for my cousins to arrive, we perused the menu - which showcases not only the creativity and the variety of vegan foods available, but keeps it simple enough not to overwhelm. 

Turns out, there are many many things you can do with vegetables.

Once my cousins arrived, we convinced them that we HAD to try the sweet chili cauliflower [9.75], and convinced them to share.

According to the menu, these are first fried in beer batter and then covered in their special chili-ginger glaze, the topped with scallions and sesame seeds. 

Seriously. You haven't tasted the full potential of cauliflower until it's prepared like this.

Not only is it slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the tanginess and spiciness of the sauce paired with the subtle sweetness of the cauliflower makes for an explosive bite. 

I know some of you may be appalled and think that 10 dollars expensive for 5 pieces of cauliflower

But this isn't normal cauliflower. Trust me.

We continued with our main meals. A macro bowl for me [12.75], and burgers for everyone else. 

Samantha opted for a Mac N' Cheez burger [14.5] which not only comes with a healthy salad, but a generous heaping side of fries.

That's right guys, vegan mac and cheese. 

Also delicious.

Hong opted for a Double Double Bacon Cheez Burger [14.5], which is about as confusing as it is exciting. Bacon in a vegan restaurant!? Please tell me that's true. 

I have no idea how its prepared, but not only did it have the chewy and crispy texture of perfectly cooked bacon, but the smokiness wasn't overwhelming and the sweetness came through just right. 

The best part is that it's completely (or almost) guilt-free. 

I could eat an entire bowl of this and not feel too bad about myself.

Although service was slow, it was more than worth the wait. 

Usually, with most of my friends, once the food arrives, everyone is ready to dig in. 

Except me.

I'll whip my camera out and usually you'll hear a resounding groan as my friends all realize what's about to happen. Then, for the next 5 minutes, as I repel all glares directed towards me, I proceed to photograph their meals (and them) from every single angle possible. 

This time, it seems I may have met my matches. 

My cousins who have put up with my food-arazzing for years now are completely used to it, and have decided that it's easier just to smile and pose for me instead of resisting.

Which is easy when they are this photogenic.

Once all the pictures were taken, the cameras and phones were put away so that we could enjoy each other's company. 

Feeling very satisfied after the meal, I left the restaurant with a whole new perspective.

1. Vegan food is delicious and if every meal could be this good, I would actually seriously consider giving up meat.

2. Vancouver is gorgeous (when it's not raining). The layout of the city itself and it's architecture is such a refreshing change from Winnipeg and Toronto. The mood of the city is relaxed yet bustling, and the options and opportunities are endless.

3. There's not much I need in life as long as I have family, friends, and good food.



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