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The weather is seriously starting to cool and I'm beginning to get a tickle in my throat, so I decided it was time for some hot soup and apple pie. Not at the same time, of course.

This is my favorite skirt at the moment. I don't have a full body shot because it's too awkward to selfie in public and when I'm home I jump in my pajama's too fast to take a picture. #comfortiskey. I promise you it's the softest material ever though and the color is crazy vibrant. I picked it up in Toronto a few weeks ago and unfortunately it looks like it sold out online, but here's the one in black, if you're interested. 

Blue is the perfect color to eat hot and spicy foods in because it doesn't stain THAT much. And after running errands that day, my parents and I stopped by a local Korean restaurant for some comfort food; ddukbokki and sundubu jjigae.

I am obsessed with this stuff. Like I could literally eat it everyday if you let me.

I've watched countless youtube tutorials on how to make it from scratch, but I fail miserably every time. I feel like I miss Kingston the most because there is always a Korean restaurant within a 10 minute walking radius.  Nothing beats something hot and spicy at 2AM.

I like spending cold windy days at home baking though, so the moment I got back, I slapped on a hair mask and headed to the kitchen to pull together an apple pie.

My Dad actually helped me out with this one, so it was a joint effort. He was in charge of sugar measuring and clean-up, which he did very well. 

Apple pie just screams Fall. Nothing compares to an evening by the fireplace, curled up with a cup of hot cider and a slice of steaming pie fresh out of the oven. 

For me, the smell of Apple pie always brings me back to second year when my friends and I would make a late night Metro runs after dinner to make pie, just because we felt like it. Walking back with hands filled with bags of ice cream, snacks and pie supplies. Carelessly laughing as we ducked past the line at Ales, hoping no one would recognize us in our pajamas and inappropriate shoes. I miss that alot.

Everything is from scratch! Other than the crust which I bought from Pillsbury (love that stuff). I can't be bothered to make that myself. The whole process doesn't take long, baking takes the most effort, but nothing beats the smell of cinnamon and apple wafting through the house, entering and filling each room. 

Perfect way to end a chilly Autumn night. 


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  1. Hello :)
    How is the hair mask? do u recommend it? I heard Morrocan Oil is very good.
    I am following u by Google friend connect


  2. I like making apple pie too. Specially at this time of year :)