Hong Kong | Discovering Sai Kung Harbour

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So I've been reminiscing about my days in Hong Kong - being able to wake up when I want and not when my alarm rings, and beginning each day not quite knowing what it will bring. 

One thing I loved was being able to spend my mornings jogging along the harbor front, breathing in the fresh ocean breeze, and admiring the restaurants and their gigantic sparkling seafood tanks. Whenever I'm in Hong Kong, I always catch myself stopping mid-run to admire all the fascinating things that live within.

Sai Kung is the center of water activity, whether you want to go fishing, yatching, or sailing. You can hop on your private yatch on one end of the pier, and purchase seafood from the local aunties on the other side. Shouts of  'Good Morning' and the sounds of splashing water fill the air. Everything is so vibrant and alive.

Although it's become more of a tourist trap over the years (you'll see hosts luring travelers with English signs and promises of delicious meals), Sai Kung still retains much of it's original character. On one side you will see the large Seafood restaurants with their glittering signs, and on the other side you'll find little shops tucked in the smallest of corners - harboring tiny Chinese gems that can't be found anywhere else. 

It's a place where the local meets the traveler, and the old meets the new.


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  1. beautifully captured. thank you for sharing.