An Invitation to Afternoon Tea

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Three things I love most in the world; food, friends, and sleeping in.

There's this trend going on lately with breakfast and brunch - which honestly escapes me. On weekends (which is when I actually have time to do things), I like my mornings easy. This means that I don't particularly like worrying about rushing out the door to make it in time for brunch.

I'm also not a fan of breakfast.

And what's the perfect activity that let's me have the best of all worlds?

Afternoon tea. 

I've only really had one good tea in my life, and that was in London so long ago that there's barely a wisp of memory left in my mind. Obviously I can't just hop on a plane and venture across the Atlantic just for some afternoon tea, so I called up Crystal (which is a tea connoisseur) and she suggested we hit up one of her secret gems.

The only time we could schedule each other in was on a Wednesday, so when we arrived, the place was practically empty. Crystal and I had the ENTIRE place to ourselves, what a treat!

After choosing our teas (which was hard, mind you), they were brought piping hot in the most deliciously carved ceramic pots. I went for the champagne tea, while she opted for the peach.

There's a few different afternoon sets to chose from here, which is nice to have that option. Both her and I went for the Savory Tea [19] despite being teased by the thought of the full afternoon set. We just couldn't since both of us had dinner afterwards.


I can't remember the names of the individual sandwiches, but I assure you, they were delicious.

The whole set comes with a little fruit bowl, six finger sandwiches, two scones (one plain and one blueberry), fresh strawberry jam, and a gentle squeeze of mascarpone cream. Although I wish the cream was a little less gently squeezed, I practically spooned that stuff into my mouth.

I practically finished my set, although we both had leftovers - so the savory tea was more than enough, even for a full meal.

I don't know about you, but what an absolutely tea-lightful way to spend the afternoon, with scrumptious refreshments and lovely friends.



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  1. I've never been to afternoon tea but this sounds like a lovely thing to do!

  2. Hey Naomi,

    I wanted to let you know that I just nominated you for the Liebster blog award. So if you wish to check that out is my newest post.

    XO Sarai,