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By December 23, 2015 , ,

I'm a kind of girl who likes breakfast for breakfast, and lunch for lunch. But sometimes, on occasion, I'm all for breaking the rules. Namely, dim sum for dinner.

Lucky for me, I know someone, who is practically almost always game for anything, as long as it doesn't involve trekking through the snow in -40 degree weather.

With the snow melting, and the sun setting much later than usual, the two of us ventured out in our lightest layers in search of something warm and delicious. We stumbled upon a newly opened restaurant which had been recommended to us by a mutual friend. Always game for something new, the two us made our way to the door and comfied ourselves inside.

Both used to being in Toronto, and finding ourselves missing it often, we decided to order our favorite dishes. Comfort food level max. It can't beat Yangs, but hey, it's a start.

We always find ourselves ordering too much food and having to deliberate between finishing it off, or packing it up. Feeling extremely stuffed, we went with the latter and left the restaurant to the most gorgeous and calm sunset I've seen in a while.

Tomorrow shall be a brand new day.



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3 Lovely Replies

  1. Naomi! I wish I could find a decent Dim Sum place close to me (the closest ones are about 45 minutes to an hour and half away from me). Your pictures are so appetizing! That lost hour of sleep is poop! I hope you get to relax and recuperate! Enjoy Chopin and your yummy smelling candle!

  2. Wow that's a lot of food but it sure does look delicious! Especially the custard bun (I don't know what it is called in English, only the Cantonese name); I adore them although I always burn my tongue.

    Dignifiable | Lifestyle & Travel

  3. I had dim sum for the first time in HK last week.It was nuts we went super authentic and the place was crazy! So fun tho and tasty of course. BAO is my life