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By December 23, 2015

I have been itching to properly celebrate my newfound (half) freedom. I've already spent over 30 hours on skype with my friends (which I know is excessive), but there were still two people I had not met up with in a while. 

So we decided to change that.

We messaged each other till the wee hours of the morning before switching over to Facebook, talking about adventures we wanted to go on, or rather, things we wanted to do. We eventually ended up deciding that we would trek over to Corydon to the Brushfire studio and try our hand at some pottery painting. Being the least artistically talented one in the group, it was surprisingly my idea. What can I say, I love trying something different. 

Last minute changes were made to our meet-up time, as they often are, but we are flexible. I used those few extra hours to drop by the Korean-Mart to pick up some staples; aka gochujang and kimchi. Fuel for Life. 

I was the first one to arrive to the studio and was greeted by this very (true) welcoming sign!

Its a very bright and open space. Not too cluttered and overall quite calm. There's a dull hum of people going in and out of the space, but you're usually too absorbed in whatever you are doing to notice them.  But first step once you step into the studio, other than take off your jacket, is to pick a piece. I already knew what I had wanted to paint; a Jumbo Mug. 

What I REALLY wanted to do though was a blue china pattern. I've been obsessed ever since Roberto Cavalli did a whole blue china crepe de chine collection last year. I even spent all night researching how to draw it. 

In my mind, I had a brilliant plan organized. I had the perfect colors picked out, and an exact way I was going to execute it. However, once I sat down on my chair and picked up the pencil, I realized I was better off sticking with dots and stripes. Thankfully, Naomi and Albany arrived to join me, so at least I had company!

All three of us decided to do mugs. Albany and I did "noodle" cups, while Naomi painted a coffee cup. We clearly know where all our priorities lie. Because I had arrived early, I started painting right when they started making their first designs.

Albany went with a cartoon character theme, consisting of Paul Frank, Dave the Minion and Hellokitty, while Naomi went with a strawberry theme; speckled spoon to mimic leaves and everything. My theme was dots. 

Not just any dots though, pastel dots. 

Very impressive I know.

We ended up spending 4 hours in the studio, making maximal use of our meetup time. But really, our adventures had just begun. After waiting for everything to dry thoroughly, we left it carefully on the table for the staff to collect as we made our way to the next destination!

Which was food. Need I say more?

The highlight of the meal was definitely the chawan mushi. It seems like a simple dish to make, but the technique in getting the consistency and smoothness right is tricky. There is a Hong Kong style version of just steamed eggs with dried scallops that I almost perfected in second year, but only because it was Tiffany and I's go to midnight snack. 

But my highlight of the day was definitely spending time with these two girls. We laugh so much when we are together. Like literally till our stomachs hurt and we can't breathe.

We get to pick up our pieces in a week once they have been glazed and fired! They told us a million and one different rules when we started painting "Don't overlap the colors!", "Remember three coats!", and "The colors look different once they are fired!", that I honestly don't even know what to expect once the product is finished. If I am lucky, it will look like half of what it did before it was fired. If not... it will be one interesting noodle cup.



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  1. how cute is that minion! hahaha seems like a great, fun activity! hope it turns out as good as it looks in the photos :P