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Izzy and I are inviting you to join us on our lovely day out in Toronto. 

This is a first of three posts which I've collected over our day out in #the6ix when she dropped by for a visit (after ghosting me for 3 years). Yes, I'm calling her out.

We first bonded 6 years ago one chilly night at the Queen's Taiwanese Student Association hotpot event where I adamantly insisted that she was Korean (she is not), and since then she has been the instigator of all my terrible habits (online shopping being the least of them). We don't see each other much - or at all - because she's busy being a boss pharmacist in the US, and I'm in Winnipeg being me, but sometimes she'll grace me with a message and let me know she's back up north. 

Marking our 6th year of friendship (which she doesn't know we celebrated), we spent the day downtown wandering the streets of Toronto getting lost, getting frustrated at google maps, and getting ourselves into situations where we eat a lot more food than we should.

Yutaka was one of these places. 

Originally wanting to go to Japango, which is just around the corner from Yutaka, we ended up at the latter when the former couldn't accommodate us. Feeling upset, those emotions quickly turned into excitement when we saw their daily menu - which has a very generous selection of specials. 

After deliberating over what to order, I decided on the nabeyaki udon and her the chirashi with a side of amberjack sashimi. 

My udon arrived at the table first, piping hot with a egg that has a perfectly runny yolk. Her dinner came a few moments later. An array of fresh and colorful sashimi laid gently on a bed of lightly vinegar sushi rice. 

Not only was everything fresh and flavorful, portions were also generous and extremely filling. We had plans for ice cream afterwards and ALMOST ended up not making them because our meals were so huge. 

It's hard to find a decent nabeyaki that comes with good quality ingredients, but Yutaka really hit the spot, and if Izzy's smiles and complete silence during the meal say anything about how delicious her meal was, it's definitely a place you don't want to miss. 

Located a hop skip from Eaton's Center, it's the perfect stop after a long day of shopping. The restaurant is large and spacious and seating is generous (just like their meals) so that you have plenty of room to set your retail damage down as you enjoy a delicious meal.


For more information and reviews on Yutaka, please visit the following link;

Yutaka Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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