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Most exhausting day ever. My ankles are giving in, my back is completely stiff, but I wouldn't give it for anything. It's gotten alot warmer since the first day which I can't say I love, but it is what it is. 

Paris is so magical in the sense that the moment you step on the street you completely forget about any worries you may be carrying. Everything just melts away and Paris just sucks you in.

Our first stop of the day was at St. Chapelle, we purchased the Paris Museum Pass so we were able to skip most lines (such a lifesaver) and avoid the crowds.

These pictures don't even begin to capture the sheer magnificence of this Chapel. The stained glass windows shine like little gems and just standing there makes you wonder what it would be like to actually worship in there, or how a choir could fill up the room and make it burst alive. 

And can you believe that it's almost 1000 years old?!

The crowds started to fill in after awhile so we decided to move on to our next stop; La Conciergerie.

One thing about Europe that makes up for the scorching Summer heat, is the sheer amount of history it contains. La Conciergerie was a former royal palace and prison where Marie Antoinette was held before her execution, and walking in the same halls makes you wonder who walked on those steps before you.

According to the video shown in one of the rooms, half the prisoners taken here were executed, which is madness; especially since most of them didn't do anything necessarily wrong and were only standing up for what they believed in.

 They showed us different rooms where the prisoners were held, and another that was used for physically preparing the guilty for execution. I can't even imagine what that would have been like for the prisoners in those rooms. Knowing what your fate was but having absolutely no means of escaping. 

 After hours of walking in and out of rooms we finally reached the one we came for. Marie Antoinette's reconstructed cell.

The mannequin models definitely made the room more realistic, but also a little uneasy.

The walking and the heat made us absolutely famished so we decided to go grab food!

I scoured hundreds of blogs in preparation for this trip and there appeared to be a consensus between most of them that the ice cream at Berthilion and falafels at L'As du Falafel were not to be missed.

The Falafel was good, but I haven't eaten enough falafels in my life to make any sort of conclusions. I would definitely go back again but there were loads of other stores selling the exact same thing, so I wonder what those ones are like.

I've realized that when we go on family vacations, we spend amount 10% of the time doing something productive, and the other 90% taking breaks. Mostly consisting of food. 

We stopped by Angelina's in the Richlieu Wing for some much anticipated Mont Blancs and Hot Chocolate; two things on the menu that they are known for. Apparently, Coco Chanel used to frequent this restaurant and was known to be a regular there.

My original plan was to come later in the day and sit on their open balcony overlooking the glass pyramid at the Louvre, but by the time we got there they had sold out of most items and the balcony was already closed..

We did manage to grab a Chocolat L'Africain and some macarons. No Mont Blanc though...

Comes with little servings of fresh whip cream and a huge jug of decadent hot chocolate enough for three people. 

Would I get this again? Absolutely. But I find La Maison du Chocolat's hot chocolate equally decadent.

We ended our long day by sitting around the fountains outside the pyramid. Watching the sunset with this view. #amazing.


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2 Lovely Replies

  1. These photographs are so beautiful. Everything looks so idyllic and the architecture is out of this world. Their desserts are sinful!

    I really need to visit Paris. It seems so silly that it's so close and yet I've never been to the capital.

    The Christmas markets in France are quite special if you ever get the chance to wander past in the future.

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say


  2. Paris <3