GUU Saka Bar & Moroco Chocolate

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Everything always breaks when I need it.

I headed downtown last Saturday to meet Nissen at College so I could check out his new apartment since he JUST moved in a few days ago. I usually take the Subway downtown, but half of the main line I use was closed for maintenance. I literally had a mini panic attack since they said we had to take the bus for the rest of the way. 

I'm not good with buses. It confuses me in a million different ways, but it ended up okay, despite me missing my stop...

Angie came over to Eatons to meet up with Nissen and I after lunch, and Crystal and Rachel came to join us later because the girls and I had wanted to get haircuts. I usually go to Goa in Koreatown, but I thought I'd try something new so we headed over to Maya a few blocks down.

I'm pretty sure we were in Maya for more than two hours because by the time we re-emerged from the salon the sun had already started to set. We walked over to Guu Sakabar for some Japanese tapas spontaneously because it was just two blocks down  and the four of us were absolutely starving.

Loudest restaurant ever.

Those of you in Toronto will definitely know about Guu. It's massively popular and there's always a crowd in front waiting for a spot. They serve a variety of small dishes usually made for sharing between two or more people, just so you can try a bit of everything.

We only ordered five different dishes since none of us were really that hungry. This was the first time I went to the Guu Sakabar since I usually go to the Guu Izakaya or their other restaurant Kinton Ramen, which I never leave satisfied, but I keep on going back like it's an addiction.

Chicken Karaage

Brie Cheese

Kinoko Bibimbap

Gyu Beef Carpaccio

Salmon Natto Yukke

The best dish by far was the Kinoko Bibimbap. The karaage and brie cheese were good as well, but nothing outstanding. As for the salmon natto yukke, it definitely had an interesting texture. I wouldn't recommend this if you don't like slimy things.

Guu Izakaya on Urbanspoon

We debated about ordering more dishes but decided that the enticement of dessert was much more exciting. After a nice ride on the Subway and some direction mishaps, we made our way to Moroco Chocolate in Yorkville.

The four of us split a chocolate fondue which was more than enough. If Guu didn't fill us up, the dessert definitely did the trick.

The fresh marshmallows were the best. 

MoRoCo on Urbanspoon

It's not often I get to see these girls, so I am thankful for any time I get to spend with them. Sharing, laughing, eating. It has been such a privilege for me to get to know these sisters during the past few years and they are all such a blessing to me. 

So many things to be thankful for! 

I will try to update more constantly now that I have a steady internet connection. It gets pretty laggy during the night though so we'll see what happens, but if any of you are in Toronto and haven't checked out Guu or Moroco Chocolate, I would definitely recommend it. 

To get to Guu Saka Bar using the TTC Metro, get off Bathurst Station; and for Moroco Chocolate, exit at Bay Station. These should be the closest ones.


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