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Hello from Paris!

I was hesitant when my Europe was picked for our Summer trip because I had been set on going back to Hong Kong, but as Summer passed, and because my cousins decided to join us on the trip, the excitement slowly ramped up. 

We spent many weekends this Summer on Skype calls, compiling what would eventually be our trip itinerary on GoogleDocs (best invention ever). It's almost surreal to think that we are finally here, after months of planning.

The weather here is absolutely amazing right now. I feel like Paris is a different city entirely because it's much cooler than the last time I came, which wasn't that enjoyable. Instead of feeling tired all the time due to the heat, I actually have the energy to enjoy the city; which has been absolutely wonderful. In retrospect, I am so glad we ended up here instead of Hong Kong.

 The plane ride was pretty rough though, no lie. We had a later flight which helped us adjust to jetlag more efficiently, but because the lights kept turning on and off, it was difficult to get some quality sleep time in. My cousins and I eventually gave up and ended up playing games or reading books for most of the trip.

We were exhausted by the time we got into CDG, and even more so by the time we reached our hotel. We were told that our rooms were not yet ready so we headed over to a nearby restaurant because most of us were exhausted, famished and extremely irritable.

Steak Frites

Croque Monsieur

Country Style Terrine

Dessert Plate

My Mom also had this absolutely wonderful smoked salmon salad which I forgot to take a picture of, but I'm having crazy cravings for it right now so we might have to drop in tomorrow for lunch again..

But we were successful in killing time and by the time we finished lunch, our rooms were ready!

 My cousin Chloe and I are sharing a room so we quickly unpacked, slapped masks on and went to bed for the next few hours; just to catch up on some lost sleep. She was so exhausted that the moment she was underneath the covers it was shut eye.

We headed over to Monoprix after everyone had freshened up to pick up some "picnic" foods before heading over to the Eiffel Tower. I basically wanted to go just to see it light up at night, and after a 40 minute wait, the lights started twinkling and it was absolutely magical. 

 And tomorrow will be a brand new day.


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2 Lovely Replies

  1. great photos! i'll definitely visit paris someday :) good day to you!

  2. The Eiffel Tower looks beautiful!! and the food looks yummy too.. i hope you have lots of fun!