Toronto | Snowmageddon Blackout

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Living in a city that is perpetually in Winter mode, Christmas break is a time for travel and to get away from the cold. 

This year, I've learnt that no matter how cold Winnipeg gets, how awful the ice is and how many times I have to scrape my car, Toronto does things on a whole new level. 

Never in my 21 years of existence have I seen Winter like this.  The moment you step outside, it almost feels like you're on a movie set, or in some Charles Dicken's story . Everything is white, everything is shiny and you wonder if it's actually real. 

The downside? Half the city blacked out, including the place I was staying at because the branches gave under the weight of the ice and knocked out electricity lines.

So, my cousins and I bundled up and went searching for food.

Situations like this really bring people together though. Strangers helping strangers cross the icy road, offering blankets or flashlights to people who had none, or simple things like passing out coffee in the lobby of an apartment which has lost their electricity. It's warming how willing people are to give in times of need and how for a moment, you feel united with the common goal of getting each other through this difficult time. 

The power was restored in my building after a day, but it was definitely an experience to remember. From having to eat dinner in a room lit with only a few flashlights and struggling through it,  to realizing that the only thing you need in life is warmth, food, and relationships to get you through. 

Life is simple, and the best things might not always be free, but they are definitely cheaper than that shiny new pair of Louboutins. 


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2 Lovely Replies

  1. I can't imagine how it must have been like in Eastern Canada. Vancouver, this year, was extremely warmer than usual, despite probably about those 3 days of like -7 degrees, haha. It looks beautiful but I can't imagine bracing winter with such extreme conditions. I can't even stand the cold here :( Bravo to you guys for being able to do this almost year round!

  2. Wow that is defiantly beautiful. I can't imagine living with that though. It's bad enough to have it a few months a year!