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This is a really dated post but it's been crazy busy, so here I am trying to make up for it!

The last two weeks in Toronto have been a whirlwind. I arrived late on the 18th and woke up bright and early the next morning to head downtown with Tiffany. 

I needed to bring my bag over downtown to get it fixed so we stopped by Bloor street first and then decided to freshen up at Eatons first since both of us were a little tired post exam recovery and weren't ready to brace the cold that is Bloor's street shopping.

We didn't end up buying anything other than a pair of matching earrings, but this coat was definitely tempting. 

Defeated and exhausted we decided to retire for lunch and were greeted in the lobby by these breathtaking Christmas trees which look a multitude times more impressive in person.

We stepped into the elevator and zoomed all the way up to the 54th floor of the TD center to Canoe.

Our server brought us two kinds of fresh steaming bread and a side of kidney bean spread.

100km Greens 
Maple Mustard Dressing, Fresh & Preserved Vegetables

There are three things I love about this place; the food, the service, and the amazing view right outside your window. 

Grandview Farms Grass Fed Beef Short Rib 

Sugar Beets, Pickle Sour Cream & Whipped Potatoes 

Aurora Chicken Suprême 
Harvest Squash, Seared Leeks & Walnut Butter 

Because we went on a Friday, most of the clientele there were businessmen and women dressed to the nines in suits and pearls. Not going to lie, it was a little uncomfortable being the youngest ones there, and in Uggs to boot, but our waiter was so patient and the service was absolutely impeccable. 

I'm always a little skeptical of these places because you are expected to hold your fork properly and put your napkin down in the correct way, which almost takes the fun out of food, but if you haven't tried Canoe, do it. There's a great deal of hype surrounding this restaurant and I feel it's one of the few places that actually live up to it. Their attention to detail is amazing, not just in the dish but also in the service as well.

Just don't get the salad, and go for something more adventurous ;)

It's also a great place to sit down and have a conversation. With strangers, with acquaintances, with close friends.  

Great company makes the food even better. 

Tummies filled and moods lightened, we ended our day under the Christmas tree.

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  1. Wow beautiful food :)

  2. I haven't visited Toronto in years! Putting it on my list. I also tagged you for the Liebster Award on my blog!

    7% Solution

    1. You should definitely drop by! There are many hidden gems.

      Thanks for the nomination! :)