Invisible Adventures @ The Frenchway Cafe

By February 19, 2014 ,

There's not many people I can say I've known for 12 years and still maintain a close friendship with, despite all the changes in our lives.  

So how do we celebrate 12 years of shenanigans!!? Eating of course; Pastries for breakfast? Yes please!

We started off with drinks. Coffee for those two and blood orange soda for me, before quickly diving into a conversation as if no time had passed. 

Our pastries arrived just as we slipped into a conversation about the exciting adventures we were planning on going this year, while reminiscing about our highschool memories and how much things have changed. 

Of course, in true invisibles spirit, it took us longer to capture the perfect picture of our pastries (and ourselves!) than it took to devour them up.

Can you guess who ordered what?!

We ended up splitting the pastries three ways, just so everyone could get a taste of each one. Washed it down with the remains of our drinks as we realized we didn't have much time left together.. so we quickly made a list of things we wanted to do the next time we are reunited again. 

Of course, selfies clearly don't end in the restaurant. We quickly slipped a few more in before it was time for us to head over to the next destination. 

I'm thankful for these girls. For their honesty and openness, their friendship, the smiles and the good times. 

Till our next adventure,



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  1. the food looks so delicious!!!! say would you like to follow each other dear? =) just let me know hugs..