Thesis Problems

By April 09, 2014 ,


What I imagined it to be like

 What it's like immediately after 

Three hours after I've handed it in

Remember all the emotional stress I was going through last week and how I broke down. Yeah. All completely related to this thing. I realized that I either feel no stress, or I feel it all at once. 

I was actually quite on top of my thesis for the latter part of the semester, but then on Thursday, it really hit me how soon the deadline was and how crucial it was. I think that what pushed me over the top was that coupled with the fact that I had 4 other big assignments due and in one single night, I realized that I had been doing all of them completely wrong. Literally PTL I got through them because I look back now and am not sure what happened that whole entire week. Not my own strength.  But thank you to all of you who listened to me ramble on about this, for those of you who listened to me practice my presentation until you could practically give the talk yourself and for the ones who offered to edit my 40 page paper even when you have upcoming exams. Big hugs and lots of SPIN when I see you in  2 weeks. 

But I  also think I spoke way too soon when I posted yesterday about how I was feeling in a great mood etc etc, because I am currently crashing from that burst of energy. I spent most of my day yesterday with a massive headache and then spent the other parts thinking about whether I should bind my thesis, or just staple it together. Clearly this is an issue. I feel like #SeniorThesisProblems  really encapsulates  everything I've felt this year. It's technically not even a 'real' thesis. I don't even know why I complain as much as I do. But I've FINALLY handed it in and it's over now. I promise never ever to mention the word again. 

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 
But my head still really hurts. 


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    now go study for your exams

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  3. "3 hours after i handed it in" well not quite for me XD i was drunk in town making a total tit out of myself helped by my friends haha fun times.