CCF Grad Trip

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Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing
1 Thessalonians 5:11

4 hour drive, abrupt subway pit stop, marshmallows and bonfires, late night chats, capsizing, worshiping and sharing, cold rainy days, sexy cowboy pose, MEGAbed times, and an amazing time of fellowship with my brothers and sisters. Even though that doesn't even begin to sum up the weekend that was CCF grad trip, it's a start.

My relationship with CCF started way before I started at Queen's. I had grown up hearing stories about my parent's time at fellowship when they were in University and was familiar with this thing that to me was simply a really big club of Christians. I first went almost as an obligation, like it was something I was expected to do since my parents had gone. More sentimental than anything, but I quickly learnt that CCF wasn't simply just an extracurricular activity, it was a body of Christ who quickly became friends and then my second family.

To be honest, I had my hesitations about going on this trip simply because I had been away for the last two years and everyone had become closer during the time I was away, but I was touched by how quickly everyone embraced me and how it comforting it was to be back in the presence of friends. 

So, of course, the first thing we do once we settle into our rooms is take selfies...

Most people joined in on a volleyball and basketball game that was going on, but Sherv, Crystal and I decided to go venturing out into the woods instead. Brought back many memories from when I used to go digging in forests for "treasures"

And the rest of the pictures are pretty self-explanatory... Two definite highlights were first playing Mafia till the wee hours of the morning bringing back many memories of first year, and secondly, capsizing in the freezing water with Angie and Nicole, despite having given a long speech to Rachel about how we weren't going to flip... fail of the century.

But what I've realized through these four years and this past weekend is that it's not the friends who have been here the longest, but the friends who came and never left. Despite not having spent alot of time with these brothers and sisters over the past two years, I can't tell you how lucky I am to have them. 

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