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I'm currently texting my Parents right now with decisions on what I want them to pick up for me in Florida and simultaneously typing this blog post at the same time, so if it seems a little scatterbrained, that's why.

One of the things that have been on my bucketlist for a while is a visit to Ripley's Aquarium of Canada. I wasn't even aware they were building one until my friend casually mentioned it one day on our drive over to the mall, but aquariums are my thing. More specifically, the jellyfish. 

I adore jellyfish.

Most people I knew had either already gone or weren't interested in going, so when I brought it up during the CCF retreat and people were up for going, I jumped at the opportunity and sent out a mass text.

A bunch of us gathered for lunch at Kinton to fill our bellies up with delicious ramen before splitting up and making the trek over from Baldwin to the CN tower.

After gathering for a group shot, we made our way through the Aquarium at our own pace, meeting up at specific locations along the way. 

Highlight was definitely this blue lobster. 

The moving belt was an interesting touch, located in the middle of the entire path that we were to follow as we went through the Aquarium. There's something charming about just allowing the belt to take you through and not having to think about anything else other than the fish swimming right in front of you and above you.

The jellyfish were located at the end of the path and one of the more memorable exhibits there.  Check out the section where they have jellyfish at different stages in their life cycle displayed.

We emerged 4  hours later,  eyes squinting from the sudden change in sunlight but with happy smiles. 

For those of you who haven't gone, it's worth a visit. It's something different from the usual dinner, drinks, movies, and mall activities we are used to doing in social meetups, and the location is pretty convenient. Bring your fanciest camera or no camera at all, I definitely regret spending more time trying to take mediocre photos than soaking it all in. 

Top three memorable things at the Aquarium:

  1. The moving belt through the Aquarium.
  2. The Jellyfish life cycle.
  3. The display containing live shark embryo's moving inside their egg sac.

And after all that walking and fish admiring, you can head over to the nearby Oliver and Bonacini's BIFF for buck-a-shuck to re-fuel. A bit ironic, but hey, circle of life :) 


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