Korean Date Night

By August 21, 2014 ,

Not going to lie, I haven't been posting much lately because I have been sitting in my room hermitting. This Summer has been hectic and with everyone going back and forth for vacation and whatnot, I haven't really had a chance to see my friends. There's this understanding between us that we don't need to see each other all the time to maintain this friendship, but really it's because we're either too jetlagged to leave the house or we'd simply rather be in pajamas. #lazy

Since Summer is about to end though, Irena and I decided to fit each other in since we don't actually have that much overlap time in Winnipeg. She just came back from her massive European adventure and I'm about to head off to my second home.

We took forever deciding what we wanted for dinner since we were both too excited catching each other up with our Summer adventures. I didn't really realize it until we started listing things out, but a lot has happened in these last few months.

We only paused long enough to make our order; bossam naeng myun and a few random rolls because it was half off sushi night. Pretty much why we decided to go in the first place.

I have a really big soft spot for Korean and Japanese food and despite trying to lower my intake of rice, this stuff is my weakness. Thank goodness I have someone to indulge in this addiction with.

Chatting away, we only paused long enough to devour all this deliciousness. Thankful that we didn't go for all you can eat, we still weren't able to finish everything here since the portions were so massive.

Completely stuffed and barely able to walk, we ended off our night with a good round of selfies as onlookers stared. We go through this dilemma every time of whether it is actually socially acceptable for us to be acting like middle school children, but we end up doing it anyways. I'm not sure when this selfie tradition between us started. Perhaps it was in Grade 11 when I first started this blog and needed pictures to put up. Regardless, we're way past the point of comfort with each other that hey, no judgement yo.

ps. isn't that Paris shirt gorg ;)


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