Halloween 2014

By November 01, 2014


What. How did that happen?

October is a month that is near and dear to my heart, not just because it's my birthday month, but there are so many exciting things that happen during these 31 days. Of course, one of them is Halloween - which ends the month off with a bang!

Not going to lie, I'm not crazy for Halloween. I've never dressed up, never gone trick or treating, but once in a while, I get this little itch to celebrate with the rest of the city.

The last time I went out was in second year, with my housemate Amy. We headed over to Fort Henry and then baked spanakopita afterwards. We spent the evening chatting and making embarrassing videos on her macbook, which she probably has stored somewhere.

This year, I gathered up these two lovely girls and we had our own little adventure together!

While waiting for our third date, Shauntel and I headed over to starbucks for a quick pick-me-up after a long day. She introduced me to this new drink called FrankenFrap which I had NEVER heard about before. I was a little less adventurous and stuck to my normal iced PSL.

When Hera finally arrived, we headed over to BIMI, to fill out tummies up before a night of fright.

Getting to the event was a lot more difficult than we thought it would be. We missed the road that we were supposed to turn onto, and ended up driving way longer than we needed to, but we eventually made it! Thank you google maps.

While waiting for the rest of our party, Hera and I jumped into the warming station to warm up our hands.

There was an actor in costume in the warming station that kept on ramming himself into people with his annoyingly squeaky bicycle. It got to the point where we decided we'd rather brave the cold than listen to him wheel around, so we slapped on our wristbands and made our way to the line!

Unfortunately, there is no photography or video allowed in the actual event itself -- Not like I really would have been able to take any recordings. Being scared is half the fun, but I zipped my hood over my head so high (if I can't see you, you can't see me!) and clung onto the other girls so tightly the whole time that I wouldn't have been able to hold a camera anyways.

While I survived the attraction by clinging on to everyone else, the others weren't as impressed and felt like the event lacked spooked. The night was young and we wanted to make our way to the next destination. After deliberating over what that would be, we decided that it'd be nice to take it easy and just sit down and chat over warm drinks.

Which is how we ended our haunted evening, mugs of steaming hot tea, bonding over our mutual love of Germany, and lots of photos to remember this night.


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