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I had the most amazing night out on the town with my girls last week.

It was just the pick me up I needed after a week of work, meetings, and an especially rough tuesday night. I had work during the day and they had school, so I didn't actually meet up with them till later that night.

I started my evening off with a brisk walk through Osborne village with this one. We popped in and out of stores for an hour before settling down at a restaurant so we could continue our conversations about everything from University to things we were going through. She filled me in about all her med school adventures, and then we fought over which half of the food we wanted the other person to eat. (She never wants the bigger half)

Despite having a crazy evening ahead of her and a full day of exams, this girl carved out time for me and made the extra effort to meet me where I was working. Even when I gave her the option to bail, she still insisted, even though that meant she would be more rushed. We weren't able to meet for long, but I was so thankful to have spend those few hours with her.

She bought me my first piece of birthday cake for the year! A massive piece of schmoo cake from Baked Expectations which was absolutely divine. The two of us split the giant piece since we had to pace ourselves for the rest of the evening.

With the sun setting quickly, it was time for her to head on over to her next engagement, and me to mine. We said our goodbyes, laced with conversations about personality tests (we're both extroverts apparently) and then parted our ways with promises to meet again once our schedules settled down again. Despite not seeing each other all the time, she's one of those people I can always count on to be there for me and to have my back. I'm so thankful for her friendship, whether that be consoling me with sour soothers through my "break-up" or going out of her way to meet up with me. Who knew that the red coat wearing, pink bow girl I recognized at science fair would end up being one of my rocks.

My next engagement was all the way over on the other side of the city, so the moment we parted, I rushed over because I was running a little late. After 10 frantic phone calls of "where are you guys?!", I finally located these my two dates!

The mall was just about the close so everyone had left by then. Because the building was practically empty, save a few associates cleaning up, we were able to run freely through the halls! I haven't done this since middle school, but it is seriously so liberating to just let yourself go and be silly sometimes. We can't take ourselves too seriously all the time right?

After our run through the mall, we were stared down by security, so we made our way over to Joey's for some drinks and dessert before we realized that it was way too dim to see across the table. After devouring a lava cake and our hot drinks, we decided that Montana's wold be a better option for some heartier midnight snacks.

After musing over life in between bites of crisps dripping with melted cheese, we retired to Albany's car for some heart to heart girl talk till wee hours in the morning.

I ended the night feeling really full. And not just physically (although the nachos were a bit excessive). I felt really loved that night. Between spending time with a girl who has grown up with me during my most transitional period of life and being there for all the good and the bad parts and never judging me - to the one whom I have known since the moment she was born and seeing the way our friendship has developed over the years - and lastly, the friend whom I have only known for a year, but has had my back in every single obstacle since then and gets me so much better than most other people, I feel so blessed.

Thank you for your time, thank you for your support, thank you for your friendship.

And thanks for an amazing night out :)


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