What's in my Bag? (Hudson Moto Mini)

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Handbags are one of my guilty obsessions.

When one catches my eye, I give myself 1 month to get over it -- and if I don't, I cave and snatch it up. Once I do, I'll use it for years and years -- until it falls apart, which is why you'll often see me carrying the same bag around all the time. The current record is my Gucci Boston Joy, which I've used for the last 8 years.

Personally, I LOVE oversized bags, but lately, I've also been loving crossbodies which free my hands up to do other things. After switching between my Kate Spade CB, Gucci Boston Joy, and a lambskin Prada tote, I decided I wanted a less recognizable bag. One that didn't have a logo plastered all over it.

There is this theory that a girl's handbag is the window to her personality. It's a place where she stores all her essentials, the things she can't live without that day. In it, you'll find personal items, things she cares about, practical items (like credit cards), and the odd misplaced receipts. We all love taking a peek at what people carry, just because it shows so much of where they are currently at that moment in time. It's fascinating, it's intriguing, and while the contents of a handbag are not enough to define a person, it gives you a glimpse into their life.

My bag of choice ATM is the Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Mini Moto in Tortura, which is made with saffiano leather, a very durable and scratch resistant material. Perfect for my lack of grace when it comes to the way I treat my handbags.

My last WIMB being four years ago, some things that I carry have changed, so I wanted to show you the things that I currently have with me on a daily basis! There's a few items I left out that you'll usually find in my bag if it's a bit roomier; a book, my iPad, an agenda. The contents also depend on where I'm heading that day.

I emptied out this bag right after work -- so I guess you can call this the work version of what I carry.
  1. Earphones - For my gym workouts; gotta have my songza workout playlist. 
  2. L'occitane Hand Lotion - Because it's crazy dry in the Winter
  3. LG G2 - aka my phone, aka my portal to the world, and also my life organizer. 
  4. Mario Badescu Peptide Serum - I actually don't know why that's in there
  5. Clinique Lipstick in A Different Grape - A sample from a recent shopping trip
  6. YSL Gloss - Shades 06 and 09, which doubles as a lip balm.
  7. Kate Spade Wallet 
Not pictured here are my photos of family and friends, which I like to carry around with me. A kindle for light reading on the go, and a few loose hair elastics for when I really need to get things done and don't want my hair in the way!

I feel like my bag is a pretty accurate reflection of what my day was like. I had work, went to the gym, ran a few errands.

What about you, what's in your bag?


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  1. Your bag compared to mine is full. my bag is always empty and I've always wanted to do this kind of post, I love your purse very much too. Thanks for sharing