Wednesdays' in the O Village

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Osborne Village holds a special place in my heart. It's a busy little street filled with little boutiques and restaurants, the occasional tattoo parlor, and everything else in between. I remember roaming this street with my friends in Grade 10 and feeling particularly mature and grown up.

Fast forward a few years, I find myself back in this place I spent many hours of my highschool days.

For work, I like to keep my outfit casual and comfortable. Today, I found myself rushed for time and threw on a simple cobalt blue dress from Vila, a long sweater from Banana Republic, my favorite pair of Steve Madden boots, and of course, my go to purse of the month - a speedy-like Kate Spade bag.

Lately, my life has consisted of long work days and many sleepless nights. In order to balance that out, my co-workers and I take equally long breaks to zen out the negative effects. Since our office is so closely located to Osborne, a few of us decided to venture out in search of some food.

Shauntel suggested we drop by Sukhothai, which has been our go-to place since we started working. It's difficult to say no to Thai food, so tom yum goong, yes please!

The three of us often find ourselves spending 10+ hours stuck in a little dark room by ourselves for work. It's really hard not to bond after that kind of experience, so naturally, our relationship has evolved into something a little closer to friends than just colleagues. We're often quite unfiltered and sarcastic with each other, which usually leads to much laughter, a few side eyes, and screams in Huy's case.

We all decided on the lunch special, which comes with an appetizer and an entree. The two of them chose spring rolls and pad nut puck, while I opted for the equally delicious rice rolls and tofu kaeng phet. Seriously nommy.

Finishing lunch with still a bit of time to kill, we decided to take a brisk stroll outside, enjoying the amazing weather Winnipeg has recently been graced with.

Deciding that the most indulgent dessert shop was probably not the best place for us to go after a heavy lunch, we avoided the temptation by perusing a vintage store located close by. These places are so lovely because you feel like you stepped into a time machine the moment the door closes behind you. Filled to the brim with history, it's pretty special to think that the object you are holding was held by someone else a long time ago. Hidden treasures are to be find everywhere.

Anyone interested in a $145 vanity?

You know those stories of people finding a Picasso painting in an antique store, and all these other treasures that somehow wind up in places like these, I fantasize that one day, I too will also find something amazing like that. Winnipeg is a place with such interesting history, with such rich stories stretching back to the fur trade era and even before. Because of that, it's a city filled with all these little gems from years past.

What most people don't know about me is that I am a history junkie and I try to go to antique stores in every city I visit. The most memorable one so far was located in the English countryside, where everything that I saw could probably qualify for a museum display. So much history there that it feels like you were transported back centuries.

Being with these two for many hours each day is such a joy and I could not have asked for better co-workers turned friends. Days at work feel more like going to school, where we are able to crack down and churn our results while also having loads of fun. They are what make my entire day feel like a break. But feeling a little more refreshed after the brisk stroll with these two, we all headed back to work where the giggles and silliness continued.

But work and everything else asides, the weather and life in general has been absolutely gorgeous lately. I just solidified my Summer plans with Tiffany, and #amoebaadventure are in place. The countdown officially begins.



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