Sushi in my Tummy

By May 08, 2015

My parents recently came back from a quick trip to Toronto and brought back for me a delicious platter of sushi, one of my loves. I devoured it with them for lunch, and saved a few pieces for dinner. My favorite is this piece of creamy uni placed delicately on top of a bed of rice. Seriously yummy.

Good sushi places are few and far between, but my go-to spot is a place that Tiffany introduced me to a few years back. Akane Akane Sushi on Urbanspoon is located in Richmond Hill. A small mom and pop restaurant with great attention to detail and the friendliest staff ever. If you are there for take-out, they will often offer you green tea and a spicy salmon hand roll -on the house- while you wait. If that isn't great service, I don't know what is.

This meal was the perfect prelude to my upcoming adventures, where I will hopefully consume more uni than one should ever try. Excited to bring you all along with me!


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2 Lovely Replies

  1. I love sushi, and what a beautiful presentation! A little embarrassed to say, though I like sushi, I'm not real "adventurous", so I've never had uni. It's a little intimidating to me texture wise O_O

  2. Ooh wow, some great photos! I'm still a little scared of trying sushi...
    Aleeha xXx