Quiet Dinner Dates

By April 28, 2015 , ,

For the next 10 days or so, if my friends want to reach me, they will have to do so by phone. Old school, pick up the phone to dial me kind of communication. Where you and I will have a real conversation and actually be forced to talk to each other. There will be no 3G, no LTE - not even a WIFI connection, and texting takes way too long.

 If you have ever had dinner with me, you would have probably pointed out at some time -potentially between starters and the main-, that my phone is always on and I am constantly checking it. It's a nasty habit. and one I can't seem to break out of. However, due to certain circumstances, I have swapped out my highly functional smartphone, for my old pink Samsung (circa before the galaxy existed). The keyboard is T9, and there is no SIRI, or chrome, or any snazzy android apps. 

In fact, a friend texted me today and it took me a whole minute to type out a one sentence reply. One WHOLE minute. Now, while that sinks in, let's also talk about the fact that there isn't an option to take selfies because there is no front facing camera.

Snark and sass aside, not having a smartphone in my life meant eliminating alot of temptation and distraction. I no longer have the urge to have my phone glued to my hand because there is literally nothing to check. Because of that, for the first time in ages, I went for dinner and actually chatted with my company, and had a really nice conversation. I even enjoyed my dinner itself, instead of half pushing it around and half typing on my phone.

That's when I realized how consuming my phone had become, and how much I have probably missed out on because I was busy staring at my screen - waiting for my newsfeed to update. All the jokes I pretend to laugh at because I'm too embarrassed to admit I wasn't listening, and all the conversations that I could have had. If I'm going to be honest, there's a very relaxing and zen feeling that comes with not wanting to check your phone all the time. 

T9 keyboard aside, I kind of like it. 

Even though I have only been without my phone for 12 hours, I've really enjoyed those hours of solitude without the desire to be connected. The disconnect is actually kind of nice because it allows me to enjoy and connect with the presence of the people around me, and everything that is going on. Gone is the anxiety of 'did someone whatsapp me!' or the need to check my e-mail and twitter. It's simply not priority when it's not so readily accessible. 

Having said all of that, I will still eventually be returning to my smartphone, but for now, I'm going to enjoy this time that I have for myself and the people around me. Smartphones are made to connect us,and hopefully at the end, I'll remember this feeling. That sometimes, the best connections are found away from the screen.


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4 Lovely Replies

  1. I LOVE this post!
    We are all glued to our smartphones way too often! Its not right! But just today's culture and society. I'm the exact same! x.x.x.


  2. I so wish I could do that. Unfortunately my phone is a complete extension of me and I hate that. Perhaps it's time to convert to a non smart phone like you! x


  3. Naomi, I always love your perspective! Lovely post. I have to admit, I went without a smartphone for a very long time, and have only had one for a short 2 years. I also admit, it's very addictive and hard to put down. But I learned that when I'm out with friends, watching movies (specifically at home - where it's commonplace to whip out the smartphone), or out to dinner with company, I always tuck the phone away and give all my attention to whomever I'm with at the time. It's easier for me, because I don't have a million apps with notifications. I only ever get notification for phone calls, text messages. So unless someone is directly contacting me, I don't really use my phone to communicate with others. I think that changing notifications or turning them off can be a big help if you're trying to cut back on the smartphone usage. Great post! Also, I kind of miss my T9 keyboard; boy was it weird transitioning from that to a touch screen keyboard! I loved the click sounds, and I had an LG Envy 3 or something like that for YEARS! lol

  4. I just love Dinner date with my boyfriend - great time to catch up... We do it every week