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So I've been pretty inconsistent with posting lately, so I wanted take you guys to lunch with me while I update you with what's going on in my life in the past few months.

Today's restaurant we're heading to is Marion Street Eatery, which has been highly recommended on Zomato. There's tons of diverse options here, but not enough to confuse you.

I hear their mac n' cheese is delish.

While you consider your options, let me tell you why I haven't been posting alot lately. 

Some of you may remember my post about changes back in April. I was going through the motions of a path that I was set on taking, and then May came along and threw all my plans out the window. 

In a good way though.

I made some major life choices, which aren't as traumatizing as I make it seem, and decided that I would stay in Winnipeg for school instead of heading back to Queen's [Yes, that was the plan]. I spent most of my Summer traveling to Hong Kong, Tokyo and Toronto, which has been documented on this blog. Everytime I read back on my posts though, it all of it looks like way more fun than it actually was because a lot of unexpected personal things came up - so here's a lesson on not taking things at face value.

But don't get me wrong - it was still an amazing time.

While you nibble on your Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad [13.75], which has been cooked perfectly, I'm going to start on my Fish Tacos [10.95] because I'm absolutely famished, and food is always a good idea in my world.

Classes started pretty early for me - which is why I haven't been really active since August. I spent the first half of the month in Toronto, celebrating my Great Aunt's 90th Birthday, which was really special. 

She's more my Grandma than my Aunt though.

I also spent a week in Quebec City with my family and was completely BLOWN AWAY by the whole city. If I wasn't completely inept in French, I would actually seriously consider moving there.

 I even considered learning French for a good 5 minutes because I loved it that much.

The salad and tacos obviously aren't enough for us, even though the portions are pretty generous. My apetite is a little bigger than a rabbit's though, so let's move on to the Mac n' Cheese [13.95] and the Certified Angus Beef Burger [12.75]. Do you see how creamy and perfectly toasted the Mac n' Cheese is?! The burger is mine though. You can have the bacon if you want.

After a while though, I felt like Summer was dragging on and all I was doing was traveling just for the sake of burning through time - which is less enjoyable than traveling to relax and vacation. So, despite the wonderful Summer and being super thankful that I got to visit so many places - I was a little traveled out and ready for school.

So by mid-August, I got my wish and classes started again.

I've kept my personal life off of here in the past few years due to fear of oversharing (which is a weird fear since I have a blog?), but for those of you who don't know - I spent a year doing research. Transitioning back to school was smoother than expected, but still an adjustment - and my new program moves a lot faster than my Life Science/Microbiology degree. I'm still in the midst of getting into the groove of things, and carving out free time has been deliberate and sometimes difficult. I don't really do anything interesting during the week, but my weekends are a little more fun. Hopefully, I'll be able to put up SOME content, if things are exciting and picture-worthy enough. 

I'm sure no one wants to hear me whine about studying during studying, and that's all I do M-F, so I won't be posting much during the week.

But that's pretty much it, and you're caught up on everything that's going on now! I hope you enjoyed our little lunch talk, and if you actually want to go to taste these delicious things for yourself, I would definitely recommend stopping by MSE. They have a breezy little patio - which you should try to catch before the snow comes in - and it's a smaller scale restaurant, so they pay attention to the details. 

Maybe stay away from the salad if you are hungry though. 



For more information and reviews on the Marion Street Eatery, please visit the following link
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  1. Poor at seating. Two girls walk in, stand in front of us & hostess takes their names 1st. Left without eating here upset. Hostess could have asked who was next.