A Summer Cottage Getaway

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The girls and I spent the Summer at the Lake.

Feeling a little under the weather due to lack of excitement, I called up the girls, and Shauntel suggested that we take a few days off at her cottage. Hera was quick to jump on the wagon, while I took a bit of convincing (mosquito problems), but I came around soon enough (thankfully) and we had a fantastic time speeding around on the lake, jumping on the trampoline, kayaking, and swimming in the lake.

Her cottage is built on an island in Lake of the Woods - a very popular vacation destination for celebrities due to it's privacy and tranquility. This meant that we couldn't drive up to her house, and instead left the car at the marina. There we arrived with the trunk filled with our belongings, and quickly loaded them onto the boat which would take us to our final destination.

After getting over the initial shock of how amazing her place was, the girls and I spent some time exploring S's expansive property. She's got over 10 buildings on the island alone, and we admittedly lost our way a few times. 

We spent the afternoon searching for crayfish on the dock and shooing away spiders, before heading over to the trampoline to get our daily exercise in. Quickly exhausting, we lay on the mat and watched the clouds go by.

Before we knew it, it was dinner time. 

Life at the lake is a lot different than life in the city. There's no grocery store nearby, so almost everything is made from scratch. On the menu tonight; steamed asparagus with fresh pesto fettuccine. 

I was in charge of the sauce while the girls worked on the pasta.

Feeling particularly stuffed after dinner, we lazed and Hera and I ran around the property looking for a cellphone signal. Shauntel is a little less addicted and retired to her room to relax for a bit.

Feeling slightly disconnected, we eventually found a pocket at the edge of the deck, where we stayed to watch the sun set before Shauntel called us back to the house. 

It's time for firepit and smores!

We took a few more snaps before quickly skipping back to the house, where we were tasked with helping load the wagon with wood. Gotta work for those smores, you know.

This is where I learned how to start a fire for the first time in my life, and while Shauntel imparted her wisdom upon me with tips and tricks to get the perfect flame going, Hera went snap happy and made a very impressive time lapse video!

And that's how we spent our evening. Talking around the fire while stuffing ourselves with smores. 

Delicious Summer nights.


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