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Is your thumb green or black?

Jane texted me up sometime last week, mainly to call me out on staying indoors and studying all the time instead of being fun, so we made plans to meet up over the weekend and do something spontaneous. 

I catch the gardening fever once a year, usually in the Springtime, which leads me to go on a week long rampage of obsessing over anything green. I dream up these lofty plans to grow my own vegetable patch or a three tiered herb garden, and throw an absurd amount of money at the project only to neglect it a week later. 

So this year, when I felt the itch coming on, I decided to pace myself and do a fun little DIY project instead of going all out and turning my entire backyard into a frenzy of gardening. The inspiration behind this came after having tea at my friend Evy's place, where she also did something similar but with seeds and not previously sprouted plants (the lazy man's way).

Jane and I started by heading over to our local crafts store to pick up these adorable little mason jars which came with the chalkboard sticker already attached. Originally wanting to go for a more "natural" look, we weren't able to find the limestone granules we wanted, and instead settled for these black glass beads. 

Hardest part was picking out the plants! In previous years, I would go and snatch up every type of herb I could get my hands on, but found that I never actually end up using most of them. So limiting myself to two choices was hard, but probably a more realistic plan. Jane was quick to decide on hers - cilantro and a lovely fragrant dill, while I hem and hawed pacing around the plant rack over and over again. Jane, ever so patient, stood there until I finally decided on a fresh sprig of rosemary and the fluffiest patch of Italian oregano.

We headed back to my place to assemble our little mason jar herb garden.

Layering the bottom of the jar with the black rocks, we then depotted the herbs from their plastic cartons and squeezed them inside the jar. And by squeeze, I mean forcefully stuffed. 

Celebrating our new found skill as herb re-potters, Jane and I went snap happy with our little Spring project and spent the rest of the afternoon catching some rays and planning her upcoming trip to Toronto. 

The perfect Spring weekend.


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  1. I`m so obsessed with herbs these days, I also planted some salsa and even few apple trees ( i grew them from seed ).