Shortbread Cookies with Jane

By September 19, 2014 ,

So sometime late last week, Jane and I decided to get together for some baking adventures that included a lot of flour, a lot of sugar, a lot of butter and tons of FUN.

You can probably guess what it is already.

We actually made three different things that night. It was an absolute baking bonanza, but I forgot to take pictures of the macarons and red velvet cupcakes.

Jane did most of the heavy lifting, as you can see, while I stood there snap happy.

Kneading the dough together was stickier and messier than I thought it would be. Not to mention the amount of butter that this recipe calls for, which in combination makes for a really squishy time.

After an hour of rolling and pressing, our cookies were finally ready to pop in the oven! We wanted to try out three different flavors; Lavender, Earl Grey, and Matcha. Her and I worked like an assembly line, almost robotically, and without realizing it, we made 5 trays worth of shortbread.

We popped them in the oven for 25 minutes as the sweet smell of butter and sugar wafted through the house. Then removed them from the oven to reveal that the pale cookies we put in had come out golden brown, slightly crispy, and oh so crumbly.

And of course, and obligatory us-ie with our pile of hard work.

After 5 hours of mixing, kneading and pressing, her and I were ready to relax. We completed the night off with some vanilla coke and Pitch Perfect, which made me wish that I had joined an acapella

Recipe is HERE for those of you who want it. Just sub out the lavender for any other dry or oil based flavoring you would like.


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