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By September 01, 2014 ,

Roller coasters. Yes

When it comes to who's the biggest adrenaline junkie, this girl probably wins. Her claim to fame is not screaming on the Leviathan, the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Canada. Of course, I had to take her up on that challenge.

Again with the last minute decisions, we literally woke up the morning of at 8 am, debated between spending the day downtown or heading to Wonderland, and chose the latter. She bought the tickets online and then drove over to pick me up.

Being the good passenger that I am, I took pictures of her driving knowing she couldn't take her hands off the wheel to grab swipe my camera away.

Neither of us had been sleeping well for days leading up to our little adventure, so we decided that for a little pick me up, we would start with the biggest, baddest ride of all.

We didn't take many pictures after that because we were both too dazed.

Because both of us had evening activities planned, we only stayed for 5 hours, meaning that most of the time was spent waiting in lines. Thank goodness for the amazing breezy weather.

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