Lattes and Cappucinos

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What does one do on a beautiful and sunny day?

That's the question Jane and I asked each other one early morning as we whatsapped each other about our weekend plans.

Already running out of ideas since we had exhausted our to-do list, we racked our brains for an exciting adventure around the city. Something new, something relaxing, and something fun.

Few hours later, we found ourselves perched on the stool, feet dangling, and people watching from the front of a large coffee shop.

The two of us have been searching for a good coffee shop lately, hitting up popular places around Winnipeg which have mostly been disappointing. After taking a bajillion pictures, we finally decided to take our first sip, which we agreed was much better than the other places we had ventured into.

We remained in our little corner, while working our way through our delicious cuppa, and shared stories about how our week had gone. In between our careful sips, we mused about our upcoming adventures and shared favorite excerpts from a book she had brought for me to read. Radical by David Platt is a must read, she declared!

Sipping down to our last drips of coffee (which never happens!), we gently set down our cups, slid off our chairs, and made our way over to Jane's hip ride, which has the most amazing speakers ever. Blasting music and windows rolled down, we cruised down the streets looking for our next little adventure.

For those of you in Winnipeg, or are traveling to Winnipeg, this lovely little coffee place is called Parlour Coffee [Parlour Coffee on Urbanspoon], and definitely worth a visit!

With the warming weather, it's as though Winnipeg has turned into an entirely new city. It's even turning me, the most non-outdoorsy person, into someone who plans for activities centered around fresh air and blooming trees.

But two more weeks to enjoy this beautiful place and I will be heading off towards a new adventure! I'm so excited to bring you guys along to one of my favorite places in the world. These last few weeks will be a mash of wrapping things, running last minute errands, and maybe a pop by Toronto - which is a little greedy of me, since I'm already leaving work a month early....

But Toronto is always a good idea, isn't it?



For more information and reviews on Parlour Coffee, please visit the following link;

Parlour Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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9 Lovely Replies

  1. Nothings better than a good old coffee shop!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. How cute! It looks like you've had a great trip. thanks for sharing :)

    Brooke | brookewrote

  3. coffee is exactly what you do on a beautiful, sunny day :)

  4. These photos look so comfy! A perfect way to spend a sunny day!

  5. I love a good cup of coffee, it's definitely a great way to unwind after a long week, and to prepare for a new one! <3

  6. Love your photos, looks awesome :)

    Kirsty |

  7. The cafe looks lovely! I'm planning on going to Winnipeg in two months. I'm excited!

  8. Coffee is the best, although I have to go for a decaf as it makes me so jittery! That cafe looks lovely! x