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I'm a bit of a sucker for history. 

There's something so captivating about spending hours wandering a museum, admiring objects that are at times, significantly older than me. A piece of the past that has survived the times, evidence of what everything used to be like. 

Manitoba is a province steeped in history, and one of the best places to explore it is at the Museum of Man and Nature, located a quick step away from downtown and right next to our concert hall.

Entry price varies depending on how many exhibits you are planning to view, but still significantly lower than other places.

The layout of the museum tells a story, starting from when the Aboriginal people populated the area before European colonization. As you follow the path, it gradually shows the progression of the province and the city to become what it is like today.

Not sure if I'd be brave enough to try one, but look at those adorable mushrooms!

Of course, Jane and I, my exploration buddy, couldn't resist posing for a photo in front of the photo studio exhibit.

It's not the biggest or flashiest museum I've been to, but there's something organic and authentic about this one. If you find yourself looking for something to do, set aside a few hours one day and take a moment to explore the hidden gems. My favorite part is black and white movie theater. Bring a friend though, it's infinitely more amusing.  


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