Tea-lightful Spring Brunch!

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We're going for brunch!

Slip on your comfiest shoes and grab your floral bag because today, we are celebrating the first day of Spring!

This week also happens to be Spring Break for me, so basically this is when I stop hermitting and emerge to greet the world outside my room. 

Thankfully for me, my lovely friend was more than willing to accompany me for a delightful morning.

Or should I say, tea-lightful. 


This gorgeous place is called Cafe Promenade, which is a brisk walk away from the Forks - a major attraction here in Winnipeg!

I usually come here for lunch (a must for those of you who adore moules frites), but their brunch menu is also absolutely divine. You've got the typical breakfast staples, and then a bit more.

Jade ordered a hot tea, 'my first one of the day!' she exclaims. 

It comes in the cutest little brewing contraption, which releases the steaming fragrant liquid upon placement on top of the cup. Very handy for you tea lovers out there. A similar one can be purchased from David's tea or Teavana.

Jade expertly handles her tea, and then proceeds to add the perfect amount of milk and sugar into her morning dose of caffeine. As I went snap happy, I may have caused her to add a few teaspoons extra. 

'Hold the sugar jar there! Perfect! Don't move!'

Thankfully, a few extra shots of sugar never hurt anyone.


After a while, our waitress slides over to our table, while perfectly balancing our food. 

Jade opted for the Croissant et Prosciutto, Poire et Brie - which is basically fancy talk for the most delicious croissant you've ever tasted. 

aka. Prosciutto Croissant with Pear and Brie. 

I on the other hand went for the Florentin Omelette, which is much less fancy, but just as delicious. 

Served with lightly seared potatoes, and the richest Saskatoon berry jam, the omelette which was the size of my head, was definitely the star of my morning. 

Sweet conversations, soft croissants and warm mornings.
The perfect way to start Spring break.



For more information on Promenade Cafe and Wine, please visit the following link

Promenade Cafe and Wine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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1 Lovely Replies

  1. First of all, can I just say I love your shoooooeees! :D Also, happy Spring! Loving the brunch spot! I've been brunching it up more often since the weather's been nicer. Isn't that strange? Brunch seems so much more brunchy when the sun is out! XD All of the food you guys had looks amazing!