Let's Taco Over Mexican

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Okay. Before we begin, can I just say hello! I'm back!

I feel like all of my posts have started like this lately....but, I promise I have a good excuse.

I've had a lovely start to the Summer so far, and I'm finally back home for a week before I'm heading off again. It's been nice to have some time away from the norm. The only downside is that I don't get to see some lovely people as often to as I would like!

But that's nothing a dinner can't fix.

There were a few people I wanted to see while I was in town, and lucky for me, my wish was granted! Jin and Anna suggested we head over to El Catrin, which seems to be the new hot spot in town. Delighted at the chance to try something new, I quickly called to make reservations, but was told that due to their popularity, I would have to go stand in line and cross my fingers that they would grant me a table.

So stand in the line I did, with fingers tightly crossed.

Actually, I lied. I made Tiffany stand in line.

Thankfully, the wait wasn't too bad (30 mins), and we even arrived at 6pm on a Friday! Thumbs up to El Catrin for speedy service. We were seated on their patio, which is gorgeous most likely thanks to their interior designer. Everything from the lights down to the chairs was perfectly themed.

Famished, we ordered a large guacamole [15.50] to share (a must) and some individual tacos for ourselves. They come in groups of three, and I opted for a vegetarian one called Cazador [13.95] - in an attempt to try veganism which absolutely will not last. Others went for the more appealing Gobernado [16.95], which is stuffed to the brim with lobster and shrimp and Cochinita Pabil [15.95], a delightful mixture of pulled pork and black bean puree. Kaien got the Costilla Corta [16.95], a braised beef, which he reports as being delicious, but the portion was tiny and definitely more tapas sized than entree. Either that, or their regular clientele normally has the appetite of an ant.

Highlights of the dinner was seeing everyone and also trying out El Catrin's special hot sauce - which is about as spicy as it gets. I like spice, I LOVE spice, but even watching Jin scoop that stuff onto her tacos made me sweat a little.

In a good way though.

I'm a sucker for routine and definitely a little resistant to change, but El Catrin was a pleasant surprise. Tucked into the Distillery district in Toronto, there are no direct subway stations - but it's a brisk 30 minute walk from Dundas. Alternatively, there are also streetcars which I've heard are very efficient! Not that I would know because I'm completely streetcar illiterate.

It's been odd not seeing everyone every single day of the week, so any time that we are able to sit together, laugh over a meal, and share in an evening is something that I always look forward to.

Can't wait to share more Summer nights with you.


For more information, reviews, and photos on El Catrin, please visit the following link;

El Catrin Destileria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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