Mexican Date Nights

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Tonight, my date and I are heading over to La Carnita Taqueria!

And by tonight, I really meant back in August - because I am a procrastinator.

And by date, I really mean Tiffany - except whenever we are together, its less of a date and more of a situation.

 I promise you. Something is bound to happen.

Upon arrival at 4pm, even though we were no where close to peak hour, we were told that the wait would be 15 minutes or so (because La Carnita is a happening place). The hostess asked us if we would like to sit outside or inside, to which I quickly chimed "outside please!"

Because everyone knows that natural lighting is much better for the gazillion photos I intend on taking.

Tiffany, who lived in the States for part of her life and frequents it often, is an absolute pro when it comes to Mexican food. So I let her take the reins.  

Because it's realistically only 4pm, and we intend to continue our night with more food, she decided to be conservative with our order. One order of Tortilla Chips dusted with Ancho Chili Power & a side of Guacamole [8], one Mexican Street Corn [9], one Beef Cheek taco [5.5], and one signature Carnita Taco [4.95] which was highly recommended by our server.

The chips came immediately, and unlike the guacamole at El Catrin, it comes pre-mashed and ready to eat. I don't mind doing less work.

Famished after a long morning of downtown wandering, we quickly dug in to the generously seasoned chips and smooth guacamole. 

First bite, we were hooked. Second bite, our mouths were on fire.

Quick! Pour the water!

Crunchy bites between massive gulps of water. The chips were delicious and the pain wouldn't stop us.

Thankfully, around the 5th chip, something else arrived at the table.

A perfect distraction to our current woes. A perfectly charred corn on the cob, topped with a special spice blend and a drizzle of crema. 

As I made Tiffany pose for the nice photo, which I had to re-take at least 5 times because she refused to smile for me, our tacos finally arrived!

Some of you may find it peculiar that we would go to a Mexican place and only order two tacos, but I think that La Carnita does everything else much better.

But the two tacos we had were also fantastic.

Fillings were generously piled on. You can see how it completely fills the entire shell, threatening to spill over at any moment. 

Makes for a very very satisfying bite.

Midway into my first chew, the waiter frantically hurried over to our table. 

Remember how I said something always happens when Tiffany and I are together?

Well, apparently it was about to rain and if it started to pour, the waiter instructed us to leave all the food at the table and then rush inside, and our food would be carried and brought back to us to make sure the bill found its way back to the right table.

One thing worse than cold food that's supposed to be hot, is soggy food. 

Quickly putting the camera away to finish off my food, Tiff and I stuffed the remainder of our taco into our mouths and then requested the bill.

The mayhem that ensued shall not be documented on camera. 

One day we will have a quiet uneventful dinner. 



For more reviews and information on La Carnita, please visit the following link,

La Carnita Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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