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Most of the time, when people come up to me, it starts with a nice hello followed up by a "All your food pictures look delicious, we should go have dinner sometime"

And that's exactly what this girl and I did. 

One of my favorite spots in Toronto is at the Shangri-La Hotel, but I feel like it's fame exceeds that of the institution it's located in. Chang's Momofuku is synonymous with innovation and boundary pushing cuisine which blends his background with his experience. 

For some reason, everytime I walk into the restaurant (which has three levels, each with a different menu), I am convinced that I will venture out onto the second and third levels, yet I always find myself in the comfort of the noodle bar. 

This time, with the coaxing of Izzy, we adventured all the way up to the third floor. 


Their website description pointfully explains their approach; a momofuku spin on a classic steakhouse. With burgers, steaks, salads and a raw bar. And if you're feeling a little special, salt and pepper lobster, bo ssam, and short ribs. 

The fantastic thing about Momofuku is that their menu is ever changing to keep with season and trend, so everytime you step in, it's a familiar yet new experience. 

Izzy and I both went for the cold noodles, which is admittedly a fail on my part since this was the first time I had ventured away from the noodle bar, only to get noodles elsewhere...

What can I say. You can take the girl out of the noodlebar, but you can't take the noodle lover out of the girl.

simply an excuse for me to go back again.



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