On Saturday, We Brunch

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I'm a dinner sorta gal, but lately, I've had cravings for a good no-fuss brunch. 

Joining me on this gorgeous Saturday is this beautiful blonde who is making her first (of many) appearances on this blog! 

I've been trying to get together with her for a while now, but she's pretty hard to get a hold of since everyone else also wants to do the same. Luckily for me, she had a free opening. 

The moment she sat down, I whipped out my camera and announced that I would be going snap-happy for the next hour. Most people would sigh with exasperation, but not only did she let me paparazzi her continuously, but she even let me take a billion photos of her food (which you will see in a bit)

A+ brunch date. 

Actually A+ date in general.

Our original plan was to go for Thai food in Osborne Village where I used to work, but turns out, all Thai places are closed on Saturdays. All of them.

I feel like maybe I'm missing out on something. 

So instead, she suggested that we head over to the Tallest Poppy, which is frequented by our classmates quite a bit. The word on the street is that this is the perfect place for post-exam comfort food. 

Specials they are known for include their chicken and waffles and the kale breakfast. 

My favorite part is less so the comfort food, and more so the fact that on each table, they have a plethora of hot sauces to choose from. 

Each one more delicious than the last.

They're pretty popular on the weekends, so our table took a little while, but before we knew it, the waiter ushered us over to a quaint little table by the window.

Charlenn started off with a steaming hot coffee as we mused over what had been going on in each our lives apart from what was going on at school.

And before we knew it, our food had arrived!

I opted for the kale breakfast, which is a handful of sauteed vegetables and kale (obviously) over a bed of perfectly roasted potatoes, topped with a delicious poached egg and accompanied by some freshly grilled cheddar bread. 


Charlenn sprung for the chicken steak, which looks as delicious as it sounds. 

And remember how I told you that Charlenn let me take pictures of her food?!

Well, not only did she let me take pictures, she helped me with them too. 

This slow gravy money shot, all her.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this!

Relieved that her gray pouring duties were over, she flashed a smile for my camera and then we tucked into our breakfasts. 

Sorry, brunch. 

Is there a difference?

No better way to spend a sunny Saturday morning.



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