Frosty Mornings at Clementine

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Eat this ___ Up!

So, I maybe should have waited for the sign to be lit up to take the picture, but I was just so excited to finally try Clementine that clearly I was not in the right mindset. 

I can't make out the third word, so let your creative mind wander!

A few weeks ago, I was procrastinating on Instagram when a photo popped up of the most delicious brunch spread. 

Going through a brunch phase, I was eager to find out more about this place and found out that Vogue  had recommended as a must try place in the Prairies. They praise it to being a restaurant that is "upping the breakfast game in a bacon-and-egg town" and describes the vibe as being "both a turkish cave and an airy Soho loft"

They weren't lying.

 Taking with me on this adventure is Karen, who maybe loves food as much as I do. 

We had a morning off from classes and was going to get our eyelash extensions done, but I kibosh that plan and convinced her to go for brunch with me.

This girl doesn't need the extensions anyways.

We arrived promptly at 10:30, which is prime brunch time, and pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Karen, who is clearly more on top of the restaurant game than I am, is a frequent here and expertly guided me through the menu. 

"You must try the smoked artic char!" she smiled.

After 15 minutes, we still hadn't made a decision, so she put on her thinking face and before we knew it, food magically appeared on our table!

The first dish that arrived at our table was the Smoked Artic Char [13], which features cubes of cured char on top of a crispy potato cake, garnished with creme fraiche, horseradish and cured dill cucumbers. 

Karen raved about it so much that I had to try it. 

 The second dish was Turkish Eggs [9], which were poached eggs served on a bed of hummus with a side of house-made sourdough bread. Talk about absolute comfort food.

Third dish that came (p.s we're sharing) was what I was most excited about. Coconut chia seed pudding, yoghurt, rose and date syrup, and garnished with raspberries and granola. [7]


 Karen, being a blogger herself, is a natural when it comes to being in front of the camera and behind. Not only did she patiently wait for me to finish going snap-happy with the food, she helped me arrange it so that I could get optimal lighting.

#brunchdategoals right here.

Famished, we decided to start digging into our food.

Popping the egg is my favorite part of any meal, and watching the yolk just ooze out. 


You know what else I like?

Plates that I forgot we ordered that suddenly show up. 

The last dish (I think) that we ordered are these fried beets which come with smoked cashews and curry aioli [5]

And of course, I made Karen pose once more.

Feeling stuffed, satisfied and deliciously happy, this beats going to class any day.


p.s to find more of Karen and to see what she's up to, go check out her blog here!

For more information and reviews on Clementine, please visit the following link;

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