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Bombay Street Food 


Tonight, we are going to Bombay.

Or the closest thing we can get without missing a whole week of classes.

Even though I live on the outer edge of Toronto, most of my time in the city is spent within the limits of Bloor Yonge station and Union.

This lovely place, hidden in an unassuming location on Bay street, was started by two sister-in-laws who wanted to bring the taste of Bombay to Toronto. Veering away from the usual dishes that you would find in an Indian restaurant, Bombay Street Food aims to bring a more casual and authentic fare to your table.

This was the first time I've been here, despite having had it on my radar for a while prior. I have this nasty habit of often sticking to what's familiar, which makes for a spot on experience every time, but nothing exciting.

My friend Natasia is a lot more bold and a total boss in the kitchen and out, so when she suggested we try this place out, I said yes before she even finished the sentence. We dragged along two friends with us and after a whole evening of group messaging to figure out a time to meet, the moment was finally here.

The menu is succinct but broad enough so that you feel as though you still have enough options to explore. After pouring over the menu for what seemed like hours, Natasia and I decided to split up and order our own things to share and let the boys fend for themselves.

Before going to a new restaurant I often read reviews on Zomato, so after reading recommendations, we decided on the dahi puris, beef kheema pav and the chicken frankie paired with gunpowder fries and daal chawal rice respectively. The boys went for a smorgasbord of items including the sev puri, potato vada pav, gunpower wings and masala haddock which they swore were better picks that ours.


Ordering here is different than other sit-down restaurants, as though it's a fast food crossover. You seat yourself upon entering a restaurant and bring a long a menu with you that you pick up from the front. Then you order at the counter and pay for your food before they give you a number, at which time the chef begins to prepare your food. Food is still made to order like a traditional restaurant, but they eliminate the service portion, perhaps mimicking a street food stall.

I'm not the biggest fan of pretentious dining, or even situations where you are asked every 5 minutes whether the food tastes good or not, so this is genius if you ask me.

Our conversation ceased the moment the food arrived, replaced with mmm's and wow's, which are a testament to how great the food tastes. Most of the dishes here aren't found elsewhere, so it's nice to see a restaurant trying something new that isn't necessarily "on trend" like most things in Toronto.

Bring a friend though, portions are generous and you'll want to try everything.



For more information and reviews on Bombay Street Food, please visit the following link;

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