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When your date takes you to Kinka, you order everything on the menu.

Kinka itself doesn't need much introduction, it's been endlessly blogged about here since I first went in second year of undergrad. That's right, undergrad. I am now much closer to being 30 than the first time I stepped into this Izakaya, yet it remains one of my top choices for a quick and fun dinner.

Things you should get if you've never been there; kinako bibimbap, chicken kaarage, and the kakimayo. Pictured here are two of those things, along with a side of sauteed garlic greens and salmon natto yukke.

I'll be honest, I still haven't developed a taste for the latter. Despite having what I consider to be a varied palette, there is something about the slime that I can't get past. It's perhaps a more advanced traditional dish that I'll have to build up to.

If you're feeling adventurous, try that.
If not, stick to my recommendations.


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