Summer Barbecue Nights

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Fire up the BBQ! 

One thing I always look forward to during the Summer months is a good BBQ party.

My dear girl Hera here has never really experienced a Canadian BBQ party, having just arrived from overseas, so I gathered a few of my nearest and dearest and shuffled them all into my backyard for some good grillin' fun.

Since we are essentially playing with open flames, things can get pretty crazy at times.

Memorable quote of the night, 'Um, is the fire supposed to be that high?'.

Despite the fire hazard, Jane and Gary bravely manned the grill while I worked on the garlic pesto penne indoors, taking a break in between pasta stirs to go paparazzi on them and admire their skills.

On the grill today were smoked farmer's sausages (very Manitoban), grilled rosemary chicken, stuffed bell peppers, parmesan green beans, bacon wrapped scallops, and some perfectly charred corn on the cob.


So eager to dig in, we quickly set the table and didn't even notice that nothing was matching!

Not quite sure if we had made too much, or if my dining area was too small - we played a game of tetris on the table, trying to fit all the food in at once.

Feeling particularly exhausted and ravenously hungry from having to grill our own food, we spent the rest of the evening filling ourselves up with delicious BBQ, while watching the sun slowly start to set.

We wanted to go for a walk around the park while shadows of the sun were still around, but by the time we finished, we were all too full to move a limb. So instead, we retired to the other room to relax with a cup of tea and a riveting round of monopoly.


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  1. AHHH. Naomi, I want to BBQ with youuuu. T___T looks so delicious, what a fun day to spend with friends. I do love a good get together, and food just makes it better. <3