Lunch on the Rooftop

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I don't know about you, but I have friends who LOVE to lunch.

You've probably seen these two girls pop up in quite a few of my posts this past year. Well, after Summer started, everyone's been doing their own thing and we haven't had quite as much time to see each other as we would have liked.

Shauntel spends most of her time at the cottage, casually cruising around the lake on her boat, and tanning in between rides. Summer life is difficult to tear her away from, so when she finally came back into the city, Hera and I jumped at the chance of getting together.

I never quite understood the lure of patios because I've eaten outside before and it's really not that fun. Half the time I'm trying to keep my napkin from blowing away, the other half of the time, I spend trying to keep insects away from my food.

Sharing my food isn't really something I do.

The girls on the other hand ADORE patios.

Since I'm currently on a 'explore everything', and 'never say no to new experiences' streak, I begrudgingly agreed, with one place in mind.

Santa Lucia Pizza (St. Boniface), is a place I always drive by on the way to the mall. It's a restaurant with gorgeous indoor seating on the bottom level, and a fantastic patio which spans the entirety of the roof. Surrounded by huge panels of unobstructed glass, restaurant go-ers have a great view of the surrounding city, while elevated above the streets.

The weather in the city right now is gorgeous, which is not a word I use often on this blog to describe Winnipeg. But when it is slightly warm with a light cool breeze, I have to sing a few praises.

It's also perfect margarita weather.

While the girls sipped on their cool drinks, I stuck to my water and eagerly anticipated our food to come, which soon arrived fresh from the kitchen and straight out of the oven.

The girls shared a meat lovers pizza [11.45] and a lunch portion lasagna [8.95] , while I opted for a delicious greek salad [9.95] instead.

Both the salad and lasagna comes accompanied with generous pieces of fluffy and perfectly buttered garlic bread.

Ferociously digging into our meals, we mused over the fact that despite wanting to, none of us could ever give carbs up because we'd miss it too much. 

After this experience, I've had a change in heart when it comes patios -- which can be mildly fun as long as there are no pesky flies wanting to share.

So next time someone wants some patio time, please invite me along.


More reviews of Santa Lucia Pizza can be found at the link below
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3 Lovely Replies

  1. Naomi, you are so lucky you have friends who love to lunch, or food at all! Understandably so, most of my friends are on super tight budgets and usually decline "fooding out" with me :( Your lunches look absolutely mouth watering! And oh how I love margarita weather too! Love your food posts! Even if they make me super hungry lolol.

    1. I always look forward to your comments Anna :) If you ever find yourself up visiting your friendly neighbours up north, I'd love to send you some recommendations!

  2. I love rooftop patios, they're so fun! Sounds like a lovely lunch with friends :)

    xo, Liz