Temples of Tokyo

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If you've followed me long enough, you'll know how much I love history. Especially seeing it manifest in tangible forms. 

One thing so magical about Japan is their temple culture and their reverence for tradition and ceremony. Personally, as a Christian, I don't agree with what the temples represent, but I can't deny the sheer history and beauty that comes with these places.

As Tiffany and I were heading to the Tokyo National Museum for a look see, we stumbled upon this tiny little shrine. Not knowing if we were actually allowed to enter, we tiptoed around until we saw a few other tourists.

Being completely Japanese illiterate, I have no idea what I stumbled upon, or what this place was exactly, but it was so quiet and removed from the touristy areas that I had to take a moment to zen myself in this place.

These are the places that have taught me how to appreciate Japan. Not necessarily for it's food, or picturesque tourist hotspots, but for it's little gems hidden around every corner. 


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