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Whenever anyone mentions soy, my mind immediately goes to tofu, which is one of my favorite - if not my most favorite type of food ever. 

My obsession used to be much more evident, when I consumed soy products in such large quantities that it threw my hormones off balance. True story. I love soy.

As Summer has arrived, the weather outside is warm and inviting. Unfortunately, due to the fire that is occurring in a neighbouring province, the pollution that is happening there is slowly traveling over to Manitoba, and our skies and air are smoggy and a tad bit hazy.

Feeling a bit woozy after my daily outdoor walk, and sensing a headache coming on, I knew that it was time to make a batch of soy milk to clear my sinuses.

It would honestly be much easier to buy a jug from the store, but now that I can't go outside to walk, I've got nothing much better to do with my hour.  Plus homemade is more organic and much healthier - not necessarily correlated.

The soy milk process is simple, but it's time and labor intensive. Prep starts 1-2 days before with the soaking of the beans in water which needs to be changed once in a while.

Once the beans have fully expanded from their dried state, it's time to take a little trick out of the Ottolenghi book. I picked this method up while making hummus a few years back, which I then used on soybeans since it's composition is similar to the chickpea.

What's the trick, you may ask. Well it's simple. A quick toss in a heated pan with a sprinkle of baking soda, which magically breaks down the hard outer shell and allows for quick removal and cleaning.

Once the shells have been removed and the beans have been rinsed - it's time for the blending. One batch of freshly cleaned soybeans thrown in with water (adjusted to your liking) and brought to a slight boil before immersion blending in pot.

Flavoring is added - a capful of vanilla for me, and perhaps a teaspoon of sugar for you.

After letting the freshly made milk sit for a few hours in the heated pot, the leftover fiber which did not dissolve into the liquid must be carefully strained, before the soy milk is left to cool.

One type of very traditional Hong Kong breakfast is crispy you tiao with freshly made hot soy milk to dip. Delicious.

Today, I took mine slightly chilled, with floating cubes of fresh grass jelly. Also supremely good for the body.

Perfect way to beat the Summer haze and a healthy alternative to those of you who might be like me and starting to tire of coconut water.


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4 Lovely Replies

  1. I loved soy milk growing up! My mom used to get it in those cartons with the straw; it was like an Asian kids milk carton. Then as I got older I found I have a slight soy allergy, so I cut back on my soy consumption and opt for almond milk. I would love to try this recipe! It seems so easy to just make at home, I bet it's delicious! :) Hoping the smog and such clears up for you soon! <3

    1. If you do make your own, don't forget to link me to your post!

  2. Wow! I've always loved soy milk since I was little. I'd love to try fresh soy milk! Great post! :)

    1. Soy milk is delish, thanks for dropping by Hazel! :)