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Okay. So I'm officially over my jetlag. 

Which means that I'm ready to rejoin the rest of society and not have to sleep all afternoon and be awake at ungodly hours in the morning. The struggle has been real.

To celebrate the end of my jetlag, and the start of Jane's, the two of us decided that lunch was needed before she embarked on her exciting European adventure. 

To be honest, meeting up is fun - but figuring out what to do can be a headache. One thing we can always do is lunch - and it's something we can always agree on.

Wanting something simple and casual, we decided to stop by Yujiro - a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Before we jumped into conversation, we mused over the lunch menu, which has enough options to keep me interested, but not enough to confuse me. I ended up going for a simple cold tempura udon [12], while Jane opted for a more traditional style bento box with chicken kaarage and spicy ebi fry roll [11.5].

Both sets come with a generous portion of salad drenched in the typical dressing you'd get at a Japanese restaurant. Jane's bento came with miso soup, which was light and not overly salty. What I liked most were the large cubes of fresh tofu, and slightly chewy sheets of kelp which help flavor the soup. Most other places make this soup too salty, with low quality tofu and wakame. These are things that I honestly did not pay attention to prior to my trip to Japan - so it's true when they say that Japan ruins Japanese food for you.

Right as we finished our salad, the main courses arrived at our table. On Jane's plate, some karaage chicken, salmon teriyaki, ebi fry roll, inari sushi (yumyum) and two slices of juicy orange to finish it off!

I sprung for something a little simpler. Zaru udon served the way it is in Japan (oh how I've craved it), a variety of tempura, and some maki rolls - tuna maybe? I have no clue.

Jane and I kept to our own meals so I can't say much for what she had, but my noodles were absolutely delectable. Most places make their udon soggy - which I've learnt is not the way they serve it in Tokyo. Instead, these ones were springy with a bite. Just how I like it.

People always told me that Yujiro is the best in Winnipeg - and I never quite agreed, feeling that all sushi places were equally delightful. After coming back from Tokyo, it's quite clear why Yujiro is a step above the rest. Not only do they serve food the Japanese way, but the flavors and quality of food is something I thought would be difficult to find outside of Tokyo. Someone told me that the true mark of a Japanese chef is in the way he treats his rice, and as you can see here, the rice is cooked and seasoned perfectly so that you can still see each grain. It is also delicate enough to almost fall apart, but yet manages to stay together just long enough for one perfect bite.

Seriously, I have a new appreciation for this place.

This place was the perfect send off for Jane, who will be indulging in European delicacies for the next month. More adventures with her once she returns.



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  1. everything looks delicious, specially the sushi
    The Color Palette

  2. Ahhhh, I love your lunches, SO envious over here! I wanna have lunch with you! ^__^ Also, Naomi, your top is absolutely adorable! <3