One Evening at Tokyo DisneySea

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For those of you who missed it, part one of my daytime DisneySea adventures can be found here.

Starting off where we left off last, after Tiffany and I visited the cafe, we decided that it would be a *brilliant* idea to wait in line for 2 hours at the new Toy Story ride. 

I swear we spend more time waiting for rides than actually going on them.

When we entered the building that the line was held in, the sky was still a bright shade of blue. By the time we emerged hours later, the evening sky had turned a calm shade of gray, and the streets which line the park had begun to light up. 

As amazing and scenic as everything was during the day, it was multitudes more magical at night. Think soft twinkling orbs of light, lighting up the slowly darkening night sky. 


One of the reasons we decided to stay till night, was for the Fantasmic Show - which features Mickey Mouse battling the 'evil forces' and then coming out victorious. Even if you don't particularly enjoy light shows, hearing Mickey speak Japanese is an experience in itself.

We arrived an hour before the show actually started so we could get good seats at the front. Our efforts paid off and not only did we get a great view, but also having the time to really soak in the evening was something that we both really appreciated. 

By the time the show finished, most of the crowd dispersed and visitors traveled home. This meant that the park emptied significantly, and that we almost had free roam of the place.

We headed straight over to the Tower of Terror ride, because our fast passes were about to expire, and waited a short time in the line before we were let through. 

Let me tell you, if you only have a chance to go on one ride - this is the one. Not only was it very different from the one in Florida, but the view from the top right before the drop was fantastic.

After the ride, we roamed the rest of the park, wanting to soak in more magic. Armed with my camera, I went snap happy and I can't even begin to describe how gorgeous all the 'lands' were at night. My personal favorite was the Arabian Coast where the design of the buildings was just absolutely stunning. 

Both Tiffany and I agreed, that the evening walk was the best part about DisneySea. Everything was just so impressive, and it honestly made us feel like we were transported into some brilliantly illustrated storybook. 

One thing that I really loved about DisneySea was just the sheer amount of joy and calmness that I felt while I was there. Like all my stress and trouble just melted away, and my only problem was not being able to understand the attendant talking to me in Japanese. Not only that, but the level of commitment everyone had - both staff and visitors alike- to keeping to the theme made the experience much more complete. It sound cliche, but I honestly felt like I had left Japan and traveled into a storybook. For the first time EVER, I actually spend the entire day (opening-closing) in a park, which says multitudes about how fantastic it was and what a great a time we had. 

But all good things do come to an end. Feeling particularly tired but full after a long day, we took one last walk through the park as the PA system broadcasted greetings and announcements of the park's closing. We slowly made our way back to the DisneyResort train, not quite wanting to leave, and shuffled along with the rest of the travelers. Both of us almost felt asleep on the train, and as we watched the park disappear from the window, we decided that it wouldn't be long before we came back again.


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