Trip to the Hairdressers @ BLOC Salon Tokyo

By June 06, 2015

Despite our vastly different yet similar personalities, one thing Tiffany and I have in common is our penchant for wanting to change our look. It's something we seemingly bring out in each other - as evidenced by the time we both decided to go blonde together in second year. 

While the weather in Tokyo was nice, there were moments in the afternoon where the sun was blazing down onto our already exhausted selves. We found ourselves spending hours in cafes (Tiffany's favorite way to travel) and sipping on drinks that we can't find in Canada, like this Strawberries and Cream Frappucino.

Halfway in between sips, Tiffany spontaneously looks up at me and says 'let's go get a haircut'.

While I needed a bit more mental preparation, this girl was game to go all out and switch up her look. She quickly googled a salon in Tokyo, and found this one called BLOC which is known for styling hairstyles for models and fashion magazines.

We trekked all the way across Japan (or so it seemed), got lost along the way, and ended up in a very hidden and exclusive part of Tokyo which can only be accessed through a gated door and past a security guard, who was so kind as to direct lost foreigners towards their destination.

Walking in, we immediately noticed that while the place was gorgeously finished, and obviously extremely popular amongst local celebrities, no one there spoke a word of English. Thank goodness for google translate.

According to their page, BLOC salon has a number of different floors, each decorated in a unique theme. Having never stepped foot in a salon outside of North America, it was interesting to see the differences in approach when it came to the layout of the salon. Firstly, the rooms were all semi-private, and at most, only one person would be sitting there getting their hair done with you.

Secondly, there was none of those adjustable chairs that can be moved up and down at the stylist's leisure. Here, all the chairs were seemingly designed more for form than function.

Tiffany decided to get a cut, dye and style, and a total of 5 stylists worked on her for 5 hours. Meanwhile, I sat in a nearby chair entertaining myself with YouTube videos and taking loads of pictures of the whole process.

The attention to detail and the level of service was incomparable. The amount of care each stylist took during the whole process is something that's difficult to find in North America - unless you are a VIP and going to a top stylist.

So five hours we sat in that salon, watching the sun slowly set and seeing Tiffany's hair go from dark and lifeless to beautifully ombre and lustrously shiny. Pricing for this salon for quality and time was extremely reasonable,  but the English was definitely a barrier.

If you are planning on visiting this place, it's located in the garden of an apartment building, in the most unassuming of places. Be sure to brush up on a few hair styling terms, if you want to be sure you receive the cut you are looking to achieve. That or just bring a picture and google translate - works just as well.


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2 Lovely Replies

  1. this salon looks so beautiful inside x x x

    Ginie Hannah

  2. What a lovely outcome for Tiffany's hair! I'd be super scared to get my hair done in a foreign country, especially with a language barrier; I mean there's a communication issues in the states anyway! LOL!