Discovering Magic at the Loft

By June 15, 2015 , , ,

Tokyo has the most curious array of goods that reflect their equally quirky and innovative culture, and it seems that it's all found under one roof. Or rather, one store named LOFT, a concept/department store that is unparalleled by anything I've ever come across. It's basically levels and levels of retail goods ranging from plants, to jewelry, stationary, and wellness machines. Anything your heart would ever desire is probably found within this place.

The first time I stumbled upon LOFT, I found myself being continuously surprised by how much there is to discover. The main problem was that I wanted ALL of it, especially the air plants - which I'm pretty sure are not allowed back within Canadian borders. I literally felt like a kid in a large candystore. From pre-made Sangria bottles which are designed to make your wine-loving nights a little more flavorful, and live-pet shrimp encased within a glass ball, to build your own bonsai gardens. You could have probably told me that this store was all of Tokyo, and I would have been satisfied. 

But what I loved most was simply the sheer ability to get lost in this place coupled with the steady flow of feeling like you've found something new and exciting over and over again. That sense of excitement you feel when you're discovering something for the first time. Like magic.

It also helps that everything is so picturesque as well.


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